Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On the way... !

I wasn't born to live an ordinary life.. I feel special in some many ways.. I remember the very first time that I feel this amazing light shining inside me.. I regretted of course! but over the years I realized that it was true there is pure a real love inside me... pure as the water, pure as myself my real one.... I wasn't born to live an ordinary life keep saying my inner voice over and over again... What's going on inside me at this moment?, somehow I have looked inside myself and I have discovered that there is nothing more important of being completely aware of consciousness, every moment is where you are. Transformation comes as the death, to his own time, and, like the death, it will take us from one dimension to another. Come along for the rite... I wasn't born to live an ordinary life! :) and I'm glad about that... Om Mani Padme Hum... !
*** Que todos los seres del universo se liberen del sufrimiento y las causas del sufrimiento ***

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